The Role Of Dc To Ac Power Inverter In Every Solar Panel

Solar panel systems are equipped with different components such as the connection wiring, a ton of batteries, and a DC AC inverter. A power inverter, although not the system’s visible part, performs a highly critical role and makes up large component of the equipment costs. It is sometimes placed on the side of a building, kept inside an attic or inside a closet. Basically, this device serves as a hub that converts the direct current (DC) produced by the solar panels into the alternating current (AC) so that it can be used in your home.

Solar panels provide a standard amount of direct current when exposed to the sun. The size and number of these solar panels is matched to the electrical requirements for your home therefore, you need to make sure you have enough panels to generate the correct level of electricity. Once the DC current has been produced, it needs to be converted to AC current to be able to run your household electronics. This is actually the main role of power inverters in solar panels.

Another job of DC AC inverter is to apply the optimum voltage across all the solar panels to extract a maximum energy. However, if too much voltage is applied to the solar panel you will then lose current coming out. It is the inverters job to keep the solar panels at an optimum voltage. The third important purpose of the inverter is to convert the direct current into alternating current to be suitable for the mains electricity grid. In the UK, the mains frequency is 50Hz so the inverter must make sure that the electricity it supplies is matched to this frequency.

Fourthly, if you install batteries in your solar power system, the power inverter may be responsible for controlling the charging of these batteries and disconnecting them from the system when they are fully charged.

In addition to its innovative roles, it is the DC to AC power inverters job to control the switching between the solar supplied power and the local utility supplied power. The inverter switches back to the local power utility when the sun is down during evenings. But you will have to get back some of the extra electricity you spent while the sun was shining.

These were only few of the jobs of power inverters. Although there are also other benefits of an inverter that makes it very interesting. Such as its efficiency and reliability. Most commercial inverters are around 97% efficient which is pretty good, and are guaranteed for 10 years. The fact that it took the interest of many, and do a vital rule to the society, this invention really a great help for the community as its been proved its worth to the global market but even has a great potential in producing and another source of energy. As we know that solar panels make use of renewable energy from the sun and many things from its source could benefit not just the technology but even to the humanity. {pixabay|100|campaign}