The Portable Diesel Power Generator

When in the market for portable power generation, consider diesel. Diesel portable power generators are fuel efficient, quieter than their gasoline counter parts, and have a much longer maintenance free cycle and overall life than most other portable generators. There is a major difference in a diesel engine and a gasoline engine in the way that they work.

Gasoline engines use spark plugs to ignite the air fuel mixture and cause combustion. In a diesel engine there are no spark plugs. Compression is used to heat the air and cause combustion. In colder temperatures diesel engines employ glow plugs to help in temperature variations.

The big difference in the way the two engines operate makes the difference in how these generators perform. The diesel type engine makes for many maintenance benefits and for many functional benefits. For example a gasoline generator producing 7500 watts of power will run at approximately 2500 rpm, while a portable diesel power generator producing the same amount of power will run at approximately 1900 rpm.

The portable diesel power generator runs at a much slower rpm doing less work, burning less fuel, making less noise, producing the same power. In regards to maintenance, the portable diesel power generator excels as well. There are no spark plugs to change, only fuel filters and other simple routine maintenance. The cycle of maintenance is also at least 3,000 hours longer than in gasoline powered generators and in most cases is much longer than that.

Safety and Heavy Duty Operation

In most cases diesel portable power generators are more expensive than gasoline to purchase, however in the construction and building industry very rarely is there any other type that you see as a portable power generator rental. Diesel is safe and reliable, and offers heavy duty operation.

Most standby industrial applications are diesel installations. Diesel is at times nearly two or three times more expensive than gasoline and in some places diesel is still recognized as a pollutant, however it is becoming the much more popular fuel for eco-friendly applications, especially with the progress in diesel technology.

Diesel portable power generators tend to be heavier, more expensive and the fuel can be costly. The initial impulse would be to go with a very popular new similar gas model and save upfront cost. However in the long term and over a long duty cycle the investment made in the portable diesel power generator made in the beginning will begin to pay you back in its years of reliable use.