Solar Power Advances

Solar power is not a new conception. For centuries we human have been fully aware of the sun’s power. We have even been using solar power to produce electricity for decades.

Yet, solar power technology has advanced dramatically over the last few years. No longer is solar energy only used for digital watches and calculators, now a multitude of different solar powered gadgets and innovations can utilise the sun’s energy.


One of the greatest leap forwards in solar power has been the advances and development of the photovoltaic cell. These use the sun’s rays and convert it to electricity. It is the same technology that was used in the solar powered calculators we may have used at school but it has now advanced to a point where an almost unlimited number of devices can rely on solar power.


Perhaps the most useful and versatile method of using solar energy is the solar charger. Solar chargers can recharge the lithium batteries that power so many gadgets these days.


MP3 players, mobile phones, PDA’s and even lap tops can be recharged using a solar charger. Even devices that use old-fashioned alkaline batteries can be eco-friendly as these batteries too can be recharged in a solar powered battery chargers.


Even hefty car batteries can be recharged using a solar powered trickle charger. And it may sound like irony but solar powered lighting is now so advanced that powerful garden lights that use absolutely no electricity can illuminate a garden all evening on just a days charge of sitting in the sun.


Solar technology doesn’t just stop there either. As more and more people realise the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle, more development of eco-friendly products and innovations means that solar power is continuing to advance in an exponential fashion.


Solar heating for homes may sound like a far-out idea from the seventies, but solar water heating kits are now small, inexpensive and can provide real savings on any home heating bill, no matter where you live!


Solar power may have been around for aeons but it is still in it’s infancy and more and more solar powered gadgets and innovations are continuing to be developed with each new product managing to squeeze even more power from the sun’s rays.