Solar Panels and the Main Types of Solar Cells

Solar panels are made up of different types of solar cells and understanding the main types and their sub-types is the best way to research them properly. The most common type of solar cells is crystalline silicon which is made up of two sub-types monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells. Each of the two sub-types are very fragile, easily damaged and very costly when compared to alternative types. Also, both types require plenty of special care in the handling and installing but aside from that, their main differences lie in their ability to provide different levels of power and efficiency.

Aside from their similarities, each type does have a couple differences which make them different from others. Monocrystalline solar panels are best known for their obvious expensive characteristics but their high power output and profound efficiency are what set them apart from all other types of cells. Many consumers using these single cell solar panels complain about their peculiar shape that leads to one or both possible outcomes: the shape of the cells cause overlapping when mounted which will end up wasting silicon on the sides or the shape causes wasted space in between cells.

This is where multicrystalline solar panels come to be very handy and pretty popular with the average solar panel buying consumer today. They are cheaper than the monocrystalline type but offer much less efficiency and power. However, popular opinion rings true and consumers choose multicrystalline over their single cell counterparts the majority of the time. Unfortunately, stability is not a quality of either and their construction being between sheets of protective glass only proves their fragile structure to be true.

Amorphous silicon is another type of cells used in the construction of solar panels. They are the cheapest of all panels and have a rare ability that allows them to be used a wide array of substrates (foundation). This quality is what allows for the amorphous silicon to be used in many different ways with all the durability you could ever need. Calculators are well known for hosting an amorphous panel for solar power and are a great example as to how durable they are.

Purchasing solar systems for the home or your workplace is an extremely great idea but you better be quick. Installing solar is a great idea.