Solar Battery Charger Review

Clean and natural energy to power your phones free.

In today’s world of power hungry,  battery based mostly electric devices,  acquiring a power source has become necessary drudgery.  With the unrestricted energy the sun delivers and the innovations made in solar technology,  moderately priced solar battery chargers are good recharging solutions to electric devices.

Solar battery chargers are a fantastic way to keep most small electronics devices charged while ooutdoors or indoors. Solar battery chargers don’t just generate power from sun;  they also store that energy in their internal batteries so you can top your phone up whereever and whenever you want to (even after dark).

The best solar battery charger I have discover is certainly the IT-CEO Solar Battery Charger.  Apart from mobile phones,  this device supports lots of portable devices such as:  digital camera,  PDA,  PSP,  MP3,  MP4,  GPS,  DV.  Tech enthusiasts will enjoy this wide compatibility with one glance at our solar battery charger. The principal selling point of this Solar Battery Charger is it’s ability to save electricity in its internal battery which can be utilised later to charge quite a few different types of mobile equipment including mobile phones,  digital camera,  PDA,  PSP,  MP3,  MP4,  GPS,  DV.  The benefit the Solar Battery Charger has is that it can also charge itself using the power of the sun.  It is light in weight (120g) and compact in size.  It has a wide collection in color(Red/Black/Blue/Silver).

The battery can be charged either from a USB connection to your computer,  from  electricity or from the built-in solar panel. Various output voltages are provided enabling a large array of mobile devices to be charged using this device.  The over-charge protection can prolong the battery life and make you use safety.  Running the solar battery charger is easy.  As with most such devices,  the first charge will have to be through an AC outlet,  to get the built-in battery primed.  Then,  reveal the solar panel towards the sun and you are good to go.