Short History of Solar Power Cells

The production and usage of solar energy is active from the past 100 years. In past days, photo voltaic power was used to produce steam, which helps to run machinery. But it was not continued till Henri Becquerel discovered photovoltaic effect, which converts photo voltaic power into electrical power. This discovery of photovoltaic cells by Henri led to the discovery of first genuine solar cell in the year 1893 by Charles Fritts. This was coated with selenium sheets covered with a thin layer of gold.

An American inventor, Russel Ohl in Bell laboratories patented for the silicon cells in 1941. This invention by Ohl led towards the development of solar cell in 1954. These cells were initial utilized in the satellites to supply power to it. Probably, the initial solar panel was used in a calculator in 1970s. These days these serve as primary source of energy.

A plethora of solutions for commercial photo voltaic energy is available within the marketplace today, such as the hardware made up of stainless steel utilized in fixing up the program to guarantee the performance. Good electrical, structural and civil engineering associates for each kind of project assure the solar energy device installation, including total compliance with infrastructure inspectors.

The commercial photo voltaic power methods obtainable within the marketplace could be installed in several ways and could be utilized according to your application. The number of methods that the solar panels could be installed include standing seam metal roof designs, pole mounts, roof mounts, ground mounts, shade structures, tracking systems, non penetrating flat roof styles, portable shipping containers, building integrated designs, and parking structures

In addition to the high class installation, great vendors may also procedure all of the documentation and paper work for the photo voltaic program used.

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