Information About Homemade Solar Power Systems

These days more and more people are using systems of homemade solar power. The reasons for this vary, one of which is that we all beware of the worsening crisis in finance and environment in recent years.

Quite simply stated, homemade solar power systems are a logical step toward household self sufficiency. Being independent from the power grid gives people the freedom to use more energy when they want, free from the charges of conventional power sources, this allows money to be distributed to areas in which it is needed most.


Having put together and installed a number of homemade solar power systems, both for myself and for friends and family, I can report that they make sense on a number of levels.


Financial Savings: Firstly there is the massive savings you stand to reap. Traditional solar power systems can cost anywhere upwards of 4 or 5 thousand dollars to purchase and have installed. A homemade solar power system on the other hand will only set you back a couple of hundred at most. There is more money saving in terms of the fact that once you have your system up and running the energy you reap is 100% free of any charges, tariffs or taxes. Overall most of the households I have helped have reported savings from 60 – 80% off their power bills, this translates to literally thousands of dollars per household that can be spent on other areas.


Environmental: Just as crucial to providing a financially sustainable future is solving the environmental problems we face, solar is a step in the right direction, providing clean and renewable energy.


Independence: As well as providing a great backup during times of power outages, producing your own energy allows you to be more liberal with its use, you are no longer dictated to by the power grid and government regulations, and will avoid likely future enforced rationing.


Getting a good DIY Solar power guide to walk you through the process is imperative, split the guides cost (around $ 40 or $ 50) with a couple of friends and it really is a no brainier.