Advantages of a Solar Powered Water Fountain

Water fountains have become very popular and almost every house has one in or outside their home. The sound of water gently falling down is indeed a treat to the senses.  Wouldn’t it be a double pleasure, when you get to enjoy the beauty of a fountain and yet manage to save on precious electricity?  Solar powered fountains run on the energy that’s derived from the sun and are perfect for environmentally conscious people.

Garden fountains look great, but powering them can be a daunting task as it often involves running underground cables that are expensive and can look messy if not done properly. A solar fountain is probably the best and the most cost effective choice.

It’s easy to set up and place a solar fountain as well. Simply find a shade-less spot for the solar panel and set it up. There are a few options that come with a ten foot cable, with a solar panel attached; allowing you the freedom to place it wherever you want. The solar panel attached to a remote cable ensures that the fountain need not be put under the sun, just the panel.

Sunlight is captured through the solar panel, which converts this light into electricity that’s required powering the fountain. You will find that most solar powered fountains do not store power but there are becoming more available that do.  In this case, the excess energy is stores in a battery, allowing you to run these fountains at night.

The popularity of these outdoor fountains is growing as people are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. These are the perfect gifts for anyone as you don’t need to worry about the recipient finding a location for it as it can go anywhere!

These fountains respond quickly to light and hence can be used in all seasons, except in times when the temperate drops below freezing. As with any other outdoor fountain, keeping these indoors during winters is an important precaution.

You can buy these through a number of online stores that sell them at affordable prices. The price of these would vary anywhere from less than $ 100 to a few that are elaborately designed can cost anywhere up to $ 250 or even more.

You could either choose from a ceramic solar water fountain, or a two tier water fountain, terracotta water fountain, or even a pool water fountain. Choices are aplenty.

It’s not only about environmental consciousness that attracts people to fountains, but also the fact that these solar powered fountains are easy to install. Everyone enjoys the wonderful water sounds.