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Since 2008,China Solar Module production has owned global No.1 position and added Taiwan Solar Cell or Module output, big China Solar Cell or Module production owned more than 40% of global total output, while Solar Power System Demand was very less and almost no more than 1% as of 2008. This cute almost all China local Solar Module must be exported to oversea Market, as of 2009, this situation was changing. First of all, Mar 2009,China government published its first Solar Subsidy Policy of Building PV Subsidy Policy. It was a good start of China local PV Demand and this Policy was also taken good look of global PV industry. but its actural Demand of this Policy was about 70MW which greatly less that most PV Analyst estimated as 700MW in 2009. though this Subsidy Policy Demand was not big, it was a beginning of China local Solar Demand. while China second Subsidy Policy which named “golden sun” published on Jul 2009, this was a clear Policy which bring about 640MW Demand during 2010-2012 of China local Market and some Subsidies were paid to the Solar Power Systems owners before Dec 31 2009. this meant China government has clear attitude of Supporting PV industry development in China local. it was a pity that the Industry-wide concern On-grid price Policy was unfortunately not be promulgated until the end of 2009, but QYResearch think the On-grid price Policy will be promulgated in 2010, if the Building PV Subsidy Policy and Golden Sun Policy only a trial of China local PV development, On-grid price Policy will be the basis of China local PV explosive growth. as end of 2009. there were more than 13GW¬† intent PV Install target in China local. and more than 1GW of these Projects first phase Capacity were started construction or planning Ground breaking. These Capacity and development trend were the first two Policies can not unmatched, but all these intent Demand need On-grid price Policy Support. according QYResearch Analysis, On-grid Policy will be published in 2010 and China government also Forecast that China local total Installed Solar Power System Capacity will reach 20GW as of 2020. while Building PV Subsidy Policy can only bring about 100MW/Year Demand, Golden Sun Policy only bring 640MW Demand. So the biggest Demand from On-grid price Policy and which also mainly for land PV Power Plants as China first two Policies also mainly for commercial PV Power Plants(Building PV require PV Project more than 50KW golden sun require PV Project more than 300KW).it was Different as Germany or US mainly from Home PV or Building PV. China PV may mainly focus on land PV. and land PV will be the key develop engine of China local PV Power Plants. and China Demand will also be a key development engine driving global PV industry to a new stage.

2010 Deep Research Report on China Solar Power System> is a professional, comprehensive and depth Research Report of China Solar Power System Industry. The report first introduced the Chinese Solar Energy resource information, Then introduced the PV Systems industry chain information, and then introduced Solar Power System design and construction related information, after that, focus on PV Subsidies Policies include national Policy and some of the key Provinces and cities Policy. and also introduced related PV Projects. details include: Building PV Subsidy Policy and its PV Projects, golden sun Policy and its Projects, On-grid price Policy and their PV Projects, Project owners etc. also listed large On-grid PV Projects(10MW or more) as end of 2009.and also listed related Data or information such as Roof Systems golden sun Systems land PV On-grid PV Off-grid PV Solar lights CECIC CGNPC Crystalline Silicon Thin Film etc Different Type Project owner Installed Capacity information, and also give the 5 years(2010-2014) development Forecast. also list 2010-2020 annual new PV Installed Capacity and cumulative PV Installed Capacity. Finally, the report detailed and all-around Investment Analysis the 100KW BIPV and 10MW PV Ground On-grid Power Plant Investment Project. in a word, this is a comprehensive, integrated, depth report on China’s PV Power Plant, This report is suitable for Investment institutions and the Solar Energy industry chain-related companies to consult for Investment decision-making and Marketing Analysis. And thanks to the China PV Project owners Install companies PV Inverter companies government related departments etc industry chain related Technology experts help and Support during QYResearch Solar Energy Research Team survey and interviews.

Table of Contents :

Chapter One Solar Energy and Related Resources Overview 1

1.1 Introduction 1
1.1.1 Solar Power System Industry Chain Structure 1
1.1.2 Methodology 4
1.2 Definition 6
1.2.1 About Solar Energy 6
1.2.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy 6
1.2.3 About Solar Power System 7
1.2.4 Types of PV Cells 7
1.2.5 Types of PV Systems 8
1.2.6 Classification of Solar Power System 8
1.2.7 About Solar Energy Production 8
1.2.8 About Carbon Emission Reductions 10
1.3 China Solar Energy and Related Definitions 10
1.4 China Energy Productions Supply, Sales, Demand, Market Overview 15

Chapter Two Industry Summary of Solar Power System 23

2.1 PV Systems Overview 23
2.2 Classification and Analysis of Solar Power System 30
2.3 Solar Polysilicon Overview 34
2.4 Industry Summary of PV Cell and PV Module 41
2.4.1 Definition of PV Cells 41
2.4.2 Classification of PV Cells 43
2.4.3 Cost of PV Cells and Analysis 46
2.4.4 Global and China PV Cell Market Analysis 48
2.4.5 2009 Top Ten New Technology of Solar Energy 51
2.4.6 Investment Analysis of PV Cell and PV Module 54
2.4.7 Analysis and Summary of China PV Cell and PV Module Industry 55
2.5 Industry Summary of PV Inverter 57
2.5.1 Definition of PV Inverter 57
2.5.2 Feature of PV Inverter 57
2.5.3 Classification of PV Inverter 58
2.5.3 Global PV Inverter Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Overview 63
2.5.4 Investment Analysis (200MW Capacity) 66
2.5.5 Analysis and Summary of PV Inverter 68

Chapter Three Design and Construction of Solar Power System 69

3.1 Design Ideas of Solar Power System 69
3.2 Selection of PV Cells 71
3.3 Design of BIPV 73
3.3.1 Definition of BIPV and BAPV 73
3.3.2 Classification of BIPV 74
3.3.3 Design of BIPV 76
3.3.4 PV Cells Installation of BIPV 77
3.3.5 Program of On-grid BIPV 84
3.4 Design ideas of On-grid Solar Power System 87
3.4.1 Design and Considerations of On-grid Solar Power System 87
3.4.2 Automatic Tracking System Introduction and Analysis 89
3.4.3 Engineering Construction Design of On-grid Solar Power System 95
3.5 Installation of PV Power System Equipment 100
3.6 Common problems of PV Power System 109
3.7 Case Study of Solar Power System 111
3.8 Solar Streetlights Summary 118

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